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  Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What airlines service San Angelo?
Mathis Field, San Angelo's Regional Airport, is currently serviced by American Eagle.
What is the name of your daily newspaper
The Standard Times - 34 W. Harris Ave., 325-653-1221
What is your population?
City of San Angelo's population is approximately 97,492 as of 2013. Tom Green County poulation is 108,378 as of 2009 Census.
What is your weather like?
San Angelo's altitude of 1,900 feet, location on the northern boundary of the Chihuahuan desert, and our proximity to rivers and lakes provide a very pleasant climate.  With 3 lakes and rivers flowing through the city.  San Angelo has an average morning humidity of 79%, but drops to a comfortable average of 44% in the afternoons.  Temperatures do reach in the 100's during the summer, but low humidity in the 15% to 25% range keeps the "heat index" down.  Snow and sleet are not common, but may occur once or twice each year.  The average annual temperature is 64.6 degrees, with average highs of 77.1, and lows of 51.8.  San Angelo receives 251 days of sunshine each year, and the average rainfall is 20.91 inches.
Where are you?
The City of San Angelo covers 58.61 sq. miles and Tom Green County covers 1,540.05 sq. miles. We are located at Latitude 31.22 N and Longitude 100.30 W in West Central Texas between the Texas hill country to the southeast and the rolling plains to the northwest. San Angelo is located between U.S. Interstate Highways I-10 and I-20. I-10 is 64 miles south of San Angelo, and depending upon the route taken, it is approximately 70-80 miles to I-20. Other major highways connecting to San Angelo include U.S. Highways 67, 87, and 277.
Recreation Questions
Is there a water park in San Angelo
No, but we do have two public swimming pools.  The San Angelo municipal pool and Browns pool.
What are the best tourist sites in San Angelo
Fort Concho
The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
The International Lily Garden
The Cactus Hotel (the fourth hotel built by Conrad Hilton)
Miss Hatties Bordello Museum
The Historical Murals
Eggemeyer's general store.
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